About Us


The İzmir World City Society is established to combine the world city vision, which derives from the multicolored and multilingual history of Izmir, with the requirements of the 21st century.

The big cities of the world where life and future are shaped, and innovative trends are born, have evolved to compete with nations. Being a part of the Mediterranean and European geography, İzmir has a potential to be among those pioneering cities of Europe with its history, economy, social life, trained manpower and open-minded people.

The İzmir World City Society will endeavor to build a city vision and city diplomacy on these requirements to open up to Europe and the world.

The Society aims;

• To engage in and enhance civil society activities and to encourage and support individuals and organizations working on this issue,

• To carry out urban and public diplomacy activities between Izmir and the other European cities

• To support local values and globally recognized social values such as Sustainable Development Goals,

•  To support economic, social, cultural activities and relations,

• To coordinate, develop and strengthen ecological, technical and technological developments at the city scale between Izmir and all other European cities.

While serving this purpose, our primary objectives are to strengthen the relations between cities through partnerships and projects, extend these projects, and develop cooperation and model applications with public institutions, private sector, universities, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations at home and abroad.

Ambassadors to İzmir Program

In order to achieve these objectives, we plan to introduce an “Ambassadors to Izmir Program”. The aim of the program is to increase the recognition of Izmir in national and international platforms, to bring international information, know-how and values to Izmir through foreign and Turkish opinion leaders and famous names and to mobilize them in Izmir, simultaneously opening Izmir information offices in various parts of Europe, and to take steps in order to facilitate  promotion of İzmir in Europe. These offices will increase İzmir’s international visibility and enable continuous and consistent cooperation with appropriate individuals, institutions and organizations. At the same time, the Izmir bulletin, which is planned to be published in certain European languages, will play a leading role in the promotion of Izmir and will ensure a regular flow of information about developments in Izmir in the international arena.

Cities’ relationship network

Increasing cooperation between cities means increasing the communication channels between cities. In order to serve this purpose, a German-Izmir sister cities summit is planned specifically for Germany. These summits, which will be held regularly, will create important opportunities in order to enrich the relations between cities.

These and similar steps will strengthen the position of Izmir in the World, which has been gradually becoming global, and will lead the World to meet Izmir’s unique values.